View Full Version : Not 'saving' or losing progress between plays?

03-21-13, 11:23 PM
Am I the only one experiencing this? We had some issues with our Internet, but that's been fixed. However for the last week I keep making progress but it seems to revert back to an earlier point if I exit out of the game...it's driving me mad! I keep upgrading buildings etc and reaching goals, only to look a few minutes later and I'm 6 steps back again! Super frustrating!
What can I do? Do I need to update the game or something? Help!

03-22-13, 02:51 AM
Shoulda like your game hasn't been syncing with the servers properly. If your Internet connection is stable, make sure you visit a neighbour or post and delete on your wall before exiting the game. This will sync your game with the servers.