View Full Version : Apples not going into total

03-21-13, 06:33 PM
SO I've noticed a few times recently that if I tap on my farms too quickly one after the other I only get the harvest from one farm rather than two. It's been mildly irritating as it has only really happened with the odd Firapple and the one that's only 20 total. Since I noticed it I've been more careful with tapping, waiting for the total to update and then tapping the next farm. I just harvested and had a total of 408 apples there was a processing lag before I could replant so waited, started replanting and looked at my total, back to 108 and I had empty farms - this is getting to be a real annoyance, I'm lucky I am still low enough level that I don't often have the cash to plant the high cost enchanted crops very often so it takes a long time to grow enough food to feed my hungry dragons.
Also - hope all my coin collection totals are being registered!

03-21-13, 06:39 PM
Did it combine? Because that's how it is in my game for coins. That said, I'm at a higher level already so I won't be bothered by this.