View Full Version : Level 60 Help Please!

03-18-13, 07:59 PM
I found a thread on how to beat this level, but it didn't help. I hit the lowest star with the yellow ball and lost. Any other suggestions? What am I missing?

03-18-13, 10:11 PM
it's strange. i hit the lowest star with yellow ball and then won in 6-7 balls and got 3 stars... try again? the levels have different variants that show at random

03-19-13, 01:05 PM
I tried the yellow ball several more times and still no luck. Did you use anti-venom? What about the ice thingies? Did you change the color of surrounding balls? There was the double row of yellow balls at the top. When I hit the lower star all the balls drop, but the lighting bolt and surrounding black balls remain.

03-19-13, 02:37 PM
ouch it was lvl 55.. on 60 i dropped the rows one by one so the star colors don't match any remaining venom. and got there only 1 star.

03-19-13, 07:03 PM
Lol! I thought I was going crazy. The other thread gave the same instructions. Thanks for the tip. I ran out of balls, but I know I will beat it with a few more trys. Thanks again!