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03-17-13, 10:28 PM
I got this idea from bawpotter.

1)post down a quote/part of song down- do not post who said it;where it is.
2)next poster will guess who said it; where it is and another quote.

Christiana12345: heres my quote but people r people;and sometimes it doesnt work out; noting we say is gonna save us from fall out.Who said it?
next poster: its frombreathe taylor swift.
heres the next quote"its like a kaleidsope of memories"

ok there not exactly "quotes" but u get the idea. u also get the idea that i like taylor swift. :D
plz rememmber all forum rules; like no double posting.. post after other 4 people post.

i will start: Its something unpredictble, but in the end is right.