View Full Version : Expansions... Curious

03-14-13, 05:14 PM
So i am only left with two possible expansions, one requiring 13 lanterns (a single block on a line, north-east) and one requiring 11 (south-east). If you look at my kingdom the 13 is behind the farms and observatory, and the 11 corner of royal retreat and windmill. I'm curious which one i should pick to unlock more expansions ? I have 10 lanterns, crafting my 11th as we speak... Thanks !

03-15-13, 12:10 PM
Can't tell without seeing a pic. You might be out of further expansions. Southeast (towards the shining staircase) tends to yield more expansions, but there is ultimately a limit after which you'll have to wait until April to get more expansions.

03-15-13, 05:08 PM
Well i picked the one with 11 and it did not unlock anything. Only 1 left. Do you mean that for now, it is NOT possible to expand to the stairs, gazebo, or weird rocky tower ? These are my 3 locked goals for now.