View Full Version : Nightclub need a change

03-11-13, 04:04 PM
Hello People today i thought about nightclub and:

I think more people should come in your nightclub

I think "goals" should come in nightclub,and what i mean with goals is that you also can win dollars with the goals.

I think that the dolls in nightclub need a change,because when you open nightclub you see other dolls in the homescreen.


05-18-14, 06:18 PM
I agree i know that there will be no more updates for neightclub story, but when other teamlava games can get new styles like the Hallowen Version for Bakery Story why not make some new Versions to play for Nightclub Story with different more new Items? and also some new Drinks which you can serve would be nice, there would be a lot cool new Drinks which could be created such as Halloween Tonic, or Bloody Mary.
But i guess it wont happen and the question is why?:(