View Full Version : won't let me serve fruit cake

12-18-10, 09:42 AM
help! every time i try and serve the fruitcake i get a sync error and it's back on the stove!
i've tried completely exiting the game and restarting but nothing will make it stay on the counter

12-18-10, 09:45 AM
hi me again... now it's gone back to the start of cooking and nothing's been served...

12-18-10, 09:46 AM
i have the same problem too. its annoying

12-18-10, 11:44 AM
I have a similar problem with the new menu items, including the fruit cake.
It spoils when I return to the game after starting the item (although it's only been a few minutes) and it's impossible to remove it off the stove. The only way I was able to remove it was by putting the stove in storage and taking it back out.

The coin spent on starting the item doesn't return, however...

Not impressed with the "update".

12-18-10, 11:54 AM
This is so frustrating