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12-18-10, 09:33 AM
Hey guys

I'm really getting sick of these gems. One holiday box costs 24 gems, which is 4?!
This is a rip off! 4? Just to get a random item which usually sucks?
I just bought 2 boxes, worth 8? and i got a sled and a candy statue, which are totally useless for me?!
(I also wasted 8? on a **** black cat and gravestone. I wanted a grimreaper -.- )
Just a tip; make 24 gems 0,79 cent and i bet you will get more profit, as people can get more items,
better items and they can get more non-random items from shop.
Also you wouldn't make so much people mad if they would get ANOTHER fail random item.
That's just pathethic if you think about the fact you are paying for some pixels.
Please, drop the price to the normal 0,79?.
Or make holiday boxes 0,79 cent because they are random, and put the items inside in the shop for a higher price?
Just so you actually know for which pixels you are paying so much money.

12-18-10, 09:34 AM
****, my post doesn't show euro signs, some ?'s are euro signs.

01-04-11, 08:52 PM
Totally agree! what I do is miss click it and it does the purchases for me instantaneously for 4.99 USD what an rip off, at least a pop out of warning "you are about to spend 24Gems = 4.99USD"... nope sorry it didn't... and it's a touch pad game... this sucks hard man...