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02-28-13, 11:50 AM
Discuss Goblin Dragon

03-05-13, 07:18 AM
I have the night dragon but trying to get the goblin is very hard.
What level was your night dragon and the fire dragon when you
got your goblin dragon? Any suggestions would be great. Thank You.


03-05-13, 07:44 AM
Both were level four for me. I used ruby. Dont think that matters, as one is just a fancier looking fire. Always black on the left for all of my black hybrids. When I put it on the right, all kinds of wackiness ensued. Good luck!

03-05-13, 07:52 AM
It has been confirmed by mods and officials from the game that level of dragons nor the order you select them in the den affect the breeding outcome. The idea of level affecting outcome is still pretty popular but I believe what they have told us.
That being said, if you're still curious, I've been doing a level 6 Night dragon with various Red/Green hybrids, all of which are epic.

03-19-13, 09:27 AM
Anyone have success with getting a Goblin dragon using a combo other than Night and Fire?
I've been using that combination non-stop and I just keep getting Coral and Charm.

03-19-13, 09:51 AM
I've got mine with Night and Eagle, the other was with Crusader and Night, it took me forever, I've tried all my red dragons many times, so don't give up and try different dragons, Goblin may just pop-up when you least expect it

03-20-13, 08:43 AM
Trying Ruby and Night. Coral and Charm again.
Maybe I'll give Night and Eagle a shot like you suggested, Danskata.

04-07-13, 09:18 PM
I got Goblin just now with Mask & Origami.

06-01-13, 12:35 PM
i got mine with night and virtue

06-01-13, 07:59 PM
i got mine with night and virtue

Lol I got mine from this combo too! I tried it again right after and got hypnotic, which I also didn't have. Still need that mask though!

06-01-13, 08:02 PM
I have tried night / virtue what feels like 1000 times trying for mask and I didn't even get a goblin fail :( most of the other night hybrids I got quickly, hunter, bat, illusion haven't tried for deep though

06-01-13, 08:05 PM
Tried for goblin kept getting Titan. My favorite dragon and breed time. Lol.

06-01-13, 08:07 PM
It's really the only one I have. I have Night Elf and Lotus but elf really isn't a hybrid, it is and isn't I suppose. Tried night hypnotic to take a break from BB but just got coral. I can't seem to get any of the other hybrids!

06-01-13, 08:08 PM
Tried for goblin kept getting Titan. My favorite dragon and breed time. Lol.

My FAVORITE is virtue he's SO awesome lol

06-01-13, 08:10 PM
My FAVORITE is virtue he's SO awesome lol

for me virtue means pink quartz gems when traded. Woohoo.

06-01-13, 08:13 PM
for me virtue means pink quartz gems when traded. Woohoo.

I seem to have better luck w pinks than blacks so I don't even bother to trade my virtue fails anymore since naga, but I did before. I got 2 nagas and had no problem w black swan either, I want another but no time since FT now, can NOT seem to get bb!

06-23-13, 10:26 AM
I got Goblin with Night/Virtue! :D

06-23-13, 12:41 PM
I got Goblin with Night/Virtue! :D

i also got it today from night x virtue! :D

06-23-13, 04:17 PM
I just got mine with night n fire! I can't tell you how many times I've tried for this, gotten discouraged, tried for others and gotten them. It must be my time to get this Goblin! :-)

06-23-13, 05:39 PM
I found it easier getting night hybrids using a diamond with the same color: I got goblin with night/crusader. Just got moon dragon with night/angel. This works for pinks as well: I could not get kite for a longest time until I got gold dragon, and got kite with virtue/gold combo...

03-16-14, 10:19 AM
Finally, bred my very first black hybrid and it was a goblin! :D

Breeding combo took only two times: night/eagle

05-06-14, 01:58 PM
I have not been able to get any dragons shown as night hybrids. I have tried more than twenty times!

07-07-14, 08:13 PM
lv 142, I have been playing for over one year and have just got Goblin after so many tries, Crusader / Night eft. Now I can buy Gem Cluster to decorate my island :)