View Full Version : High fashion never looked better with these smart pieces!

[S8] Elsa
02-25-13, 05:24 PM

Impress all of your customers with the Geek Chic catalog in Fashion Story (http://www.facebook.com/fashionstory)!

02-25-13, 05:41 PM
Ok..better than the past 2 weeks more black & white. was hoping for a smigen of color. But at least I'll make it so that says something..LOL

02-25-13, 05:41 PM
Me likey! Reminds me of the school girl costumes I wear. For halloween....

02-25-13, 06:14 PM
Cute! I like it but last weeks update is still my favorite.

02-25-13, 07:30 PM
I like it! Looks cute and I like the black-white color scheme. The skirt and boots look cute. :)

02-26-13, 10:40 AM
Love the big frame spectacle!

03-03-13, 04:07 PM
you can only have this catalog if you are level 62 or above. im in the 50's right now so probably by the time i get there it will be gone. also why did they put all the cool eclectic stuff in the chest i cannot afford 25 gems a pop for the bench and the couch and the fascinator display that is if i get that on a first try.