View Full Version : VISITING NEIGHBOURS - bonus ?

02-23-13, 12:08 AM
Today i went to visit my neighbours and received a bonus for the first 5 or 6 after that i received nothing is the normal. I thought that visiting neighbours was a way to earn extra coins. Also want to know why visiting one neighbour can give you a bonus of 3 coins and another visiting another neighbour can give you 30 coins, can someone explain this to me:confused:

02-23-13, 03:15 AM
When visiting neighbors you can receive either 30 coins, 2(?) paws, or 20 coins and 1 paw. Its random for each neighbor.

02-27-13, 05:36 AM
I thought that it depends on the time you are neighbours for. New ones are paws only, medium money, long money and paws. But I am probably totally wrong.