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12-17-10, 05:41 PM
You can find the Mythic Chest by tapping Build -> Enhancements -> Mythic Chest.

This item costs 24 Gems and will yield one random item you can't get anywhere else in-game. Since there are a set list of items available a chance for a duplicate item is possible. We hope you will receive an item you like! :cool:

12-18-10, 09:47 PM
The rarity listed for all of these (except Midas' Garden) is just my personal guess, so they could be wrong.

Please help by verifying what is right or wrong ... and post happiness values.

Here's the Mythic Chest items we've seen so far:
Bull Statue (?common?) - decoration - ???? happiness (0.25 spaces)
Lion Statue (?common?) - decoration - ???? happiness (0.25 spaces)
Tiger Statue (?common?) - decoration - 1,500 happiness (0.25 spaces)
Trojan Horse (?uncommon?) - decoration - ???? happiness (1 space)
Pegasus (?uncommon?) - decoration - 2,500 happiness (1 space)
Odysseus' Ship (?uncommon?) - decoration - 3,125 happiness (4 spaces)
Midas' Garden (rare) - decoration - ???? happiness (4 spaces)
Medusa's Garden (?rare?) - decoration - ???? happiness (4 spaces)
Mount Olympus (?exceptional?) - decoration - ???? happiness (16 spaces)

Here's the odds for the virtual dice roll that decides which random item you'll get:
54% chance you get a Common item.
35% chance you get an Uncommon item.
10% chance you get a Rare item.
1% chance you get an Exceptional item.

Here's how Population or Happiness Value can be obtained:
1. Place the item where you want it in your city.
2. Check your Profile and note your current Population & Happiness Values.
3. Hide the item back into your inventory.
4. Recheck your Profile and note your new Population & Happiness Values.
5. Subtract step 4 from step 2.
6. Place the item where you want it in your city.

12-20-10, 01:20 PM
Anyone experience automatic mythic chest purchases by the game after adding gems? I added gems today and the game automatically purchased mythic chests until my gems ran out.

- I was in the Build > Featured page, I clicked on Mythic Chest, prompted to add gems, purchased gems and then it bought Mythic Chests until it exhausted my gems...

Very Bummed,

01-02-11, 02:16 AM
Hi Norman/Dev, allow us to sell the unwanted items we get from the chests. i sold tiger statue, butcher and sheep for nothing, i mean, there werent any coins for the sold items. i thot it was a mistake so tried it three times, same result.

i have loads of unwanted stuff like animal statues, butchers, sheep, fishing boats, stables, trojan horses, pegasus, it will be great if i can sell them or trade them with others, please???