View Full Version : Accomplished challenge for level 39 won't register...

02-19-13, 03:40 PM
support ID: 4FR86R
Device: iPhone 4gs
iOS: 6.0.1
Level 39:
I'm trying to complete all my challenges at the moment (have finished all levels & gained 3 stars on all but newest), and have gotten to the 'Deserted Island'. One of the challenges for level 39 is to cmplete the level in 30 moves.
I have now done this twice (most recently just now, the target digging of 5 rows, was reached with 31 moves left), but when the level is done, it doesn't tell me I finished my challenge.
This is a really hard challenge, and took me ages to complete (no boosts), and it's quite annoying to have actually done it, but not get the 'keys', etc....
Please help