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07-03-10, 03:06 PM
I would like to have the idea (s) that these fallowing may one day be an option to be able to use. And the fallowing is shared out freely.

1. Colored gems ex: a. ruby/500 coins for cut time of planting to harvest time [ some crops take 4 days ] b. Saphire/1000 coins for a crop u don't want to harvest [ sometimes seeing all seeds is painfull ] and sooo on.

2. Animals baby to full grown { not my idea } too many full grown chickens is a bit scarey looking.
3. Watering {gathered}.. Options both end as farm and visitor . On and off view; blue tinted; small medium and larger drops.
4. Farming { not mines but want to add with it} open and closed time hrs to visitors.
5. Messageing and neighbor options. IGNORE and ALL CLEAR and DELETE options (pls. Pretty pls.)
6. Example to gain coins & gems: visitor enters; see's a mole digging in your farm! Neighbor can help by getting rid of it ( hence not only watering crops ) gets coins/ a yellow gem to be used only when own crop is being ruined by same in own farm.
7. A goose that lays golden gems. (LOL)

i think I just had a brain hiccup; excuss me!
HAPPY 4th USA. Thankyou for all the brave soldiers and family for thier sacrificess and dedications.

I would love to share more

07-03-10, 03:33 PM
since this is storm8 i must add:

8. Earthworms ( knows these ag land is very fertile but when I see a farm { perhaps owner of farm went on a trip ) I would like to give earthworms to revive the crop when they are away). Like to find in other farms too to collect.