View Full Version : Game Reset Button

02-16-13, 08:50 AM
I would love there to be a game reset button in this game. After a while it get's old and I'd love to restart it again and keep playing. Also, if you build your hotel weird you are permanently stuck with a hotel that you don't enjoy. These issues usually cost people to stop playing the game. I know I quit all Team Lava games for a long time just because I couldn't reset. The way I see it, it's also a good business move for you guys. People will probably make more gem purchases this way in starting over. Just a thought. I love Pet Hotel Story and generally all Team Lava games so I would love this to be an enhancement. :)

02-16-13, 01:13 PM
Oh absolutely! I'd love to be able to play more than once. Not just Hotel, but other ones too. (I also play Zoo, Restaurant, Night Club, and Bakery.) And, knowing what I know now, I might actually invest a few real-life dollars in them if I had a second start. The stuff you don't know the first time around can really mess things up, like not knowing to wait until something becomes a goal before you go buy everything, and then you end up having to buy it again, or splurging too soon on the fancy decor just because it's all still so shiny and new, and being broke before you realize what you've done. If we knew to avoid all those little things that hinder progress right from the start, I bet a lot more people would throw a few bucks into it who normally wouldn't, once they knew their way around things (especially the accidentally-spent-gems-because-I-tapped-too-fast traps) and could do it knowing that it wouldn't be wasted*.

Then there are those who have completed the game, and would like to start from scratch and see what a second go-round would come out looking like. Or those who get a used device from someone who's already played, and can't even start their own game once. There's more than one reason for wanting to start fresh.

An idea, maybe: One free do-over, per person, per game, after that, you gotta pay for it. That would stop people from just starting over every time they got a little impatient, you'd make money off those who did, and it would open up the option for those of us who would take that one chance seriously.

*"Wasted" as in "spending real money to play sandbox tetris with animals in the boxes" is not how I'm using "wasted" in this case. Everyone needs a guilty pleasure. Just saying. ;)