View Full Version : Pink blotch

02-08-13, 09:24 AM
I just started the Valentines edition but my game has this big pink blotch on it


I've tried shutting the game down and closing all apps running, turned my iPad on and off and it won't go away. I haven't tried deleting and reinstalling cause frankly it took 40mins for it to download the first time and if I have to delete it'll just stay deleted seeing as it wasn't worth downloading to begin with, due to 90% of the valentine items being gems which I won't buy for this game.

02-08-13, 09:26 AM
I've also tried visiting a nbr and then returning to my place. Didn't work either.

02-08-13, 10:29 AM
You may have to try deleting and reinstalling the app. Let us know if you try to do this.

02-08-13, 11:06 AM
Ill try tomorrow maybe. Not really bothered about it. Just letting you know about it. I may just play the regular edition. Thank you though xx