View Full Version : Stuff to add pweeze (redundant fo sho)

07-02-10, 08:40 AM

Dis one fun azz farm game - great way to waste even more of my life force doing something ridiculously non productive! Thanks for creating this! Lol now we have the guilt over i would like to reiterate what others have mentioned a need for:

1. Ability to manage neighbors with more detail the better
2. Ability to sort neighbors and community
3. Ability to return to where you left off in your neighbors list unless you want it otherwise (reset). With 150+ neighbors resetting to the top is highly annoying
4. Ability to broadcast your storm 8 id on your profile so you dont have to make a post on the lamester add me list every month
5. Ability to plow in bulk (and plant) when you get larger farms its annoying to click through 456786424578 squares. Some kind of drag and plant/ plow bulk would own

07-02-10, 08:42 AM
6. Ability to see who of your neighbors has watered you and how recently/ how often
7. Ability to delete neighbors