View Full Version : !$70000$$ in 2 hours? Really?

12-15-10, 05:45 PM
I just sold over $70000 in food I baked all day and all night last night in 2 hours. Um I think maybe it's going a little too fast. All my gifts? Gone. I got the right amountof money but seriously. Slow it down. No way to keep up with that.

12-15-10, 05:54 PM
You can slow it down by having less tables/chairs in your bakery.

The less room there is the less popular it will be. The less popular it is the less people will visit. The less people that visit the longer your food will last.

12-15-10, 06:42 PM
Appreciate your input but that's not what happened. I have less than 25 seats and had over 3000 pieces of cheesecake alone. Its a glitch they need to fix and this isn't the first time it's happened and I am not the first person it's happened to.

12-15-10, 08:07 PM
Well, mine crashed and in less than 10 seconds (the amount of time it took me to tap on the bakery story icon and wait for it to load), I had sold over 30,000 serves and earned over 160,000! Granted it was due to the game crashing, but still.....

12-16-10, 05:55 AM
WHY! is this glitch not happening to me!! surely its a good thing!! LOL