View Full Version : updating phone to Iphone 5 and reverting back to level 1!!!!!!!!

01-30-13, 11:57 PM
Hi there,

I activated my new Iphone 5 today, and was disappointed to find that Castle Story had reverted back to the start! I was at level 22! The same can be said of all my team lava games. Is there any way of retrieving the data? It asked me to choose a storm8 id, and when I typed my original id in, it stated that the id was already taken! (by me I assume) Is there any way of logging into the games with my original storm 8 id? My mobile number is the same, as is my apple id. Thanks in advance for your reply. :(

01-31-13, 12:51 AM
Check out these threads for info on transferring your games to a new device: