View Full Version : Feedback: cut this expansion hike already

01-25-13, 04:39 PM
Am I seriously going to be the FIRST one to complain about the recent hike in prices that has been put on Dragon Story to expand? first 5,000 coins to expand, then 10,000 and now Team Lava has decided to hike it again to 14,000!!! all you are doing is costing people more money when you don't get ANY experience for expanding and removing all brush is STILL extremely expensive!!! I swear EVERY TWO WEEKS Team Lava hikes up the expansion costs for no reason and with NO additional benefit!!! for the same amount of square land, no experience and costs to remove brush, is it REALLY necessary to keep hiking up expansion costs???

01-25-13, 04:45 PM
It's set to the more expansions you are doing the more expansions cost... The highest being 1 mil

We are lucky expansions were higher before they used to be 3 mil or higher