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12-13-10, 05:21 PM
Norman, I understand what you mean about the constructive feedback but players get mad because of the lack of responsiveness on your part.
I love the international aspect of the game and all my neighbors are nice and polite, but when I come to the forum I get such bad vibes and the real help I get is from other players.
How about taking some time to respond to players questions?
I read some comment Teamlava made about treating customers like family, how about giving your family some real feedback?

12-13-10, 06:01 PM
I completely agree. This forum is very negative, but at the same time I understand why. The forum has become a place for people to vent their mounting anger and frustration at the games and lack of support and updates from TeamLava, so naturally that is going to be more negative than positive. Also, and this is a problem eveywhere these days, true meaning and expression are lost when something is being typed, so some things can come across a lot different than intended. I recently responded to a question that a guest had written, and was then blasted for "treating them like idiots", which I really had not intended at all. I had assumed that the question was from a new gamer who didn't know how the game worked, not someone who had been playing for a long time and was at a high level. I have noticed that responses from Norman are few and far between, though, which isa just adding fuel to the fire. I love the "My Stories", and am eagerly waiting for new updates.

Please people, remember that each and every one of you is a person who has feelings. You dont need to be so negative all the time. Manners and courtesy go a long way.