View Full Version : Gifts desapeared

12-13-10, 05:07 PM
I had all my gifts on the news tab and all oft the sudden they are gone.
Anybody else having this problem?


Pammien T
12-13-10, 09:39 PM
I bought 105 gems to finally buy items to decorate and expand my bakery. After an hour of purchasing new items, expanding the base, purchasing the Holiday special. I left the bakery exactly how I wanted it, only to come back to find that several items I purchase are gone, the holiday special is in inventory, and the storyboard looks exactly how I found it when I started except for a few changes.

Now I don't know how many coins I lost or gems, can't tell what was taken away and what I still have. I love all the story apps, but this is the first one I had a major problem.

What do I do now? I scared to start over not knowing if it is saving what Im doing. Please advise. Thanks

Id: Thomasvillehall Name of Bakery: Goodies2Go Level 17