View Full Version : More Decore Please

01-18-13, 08:18 PM
I find the Decor to be way too limited, with only two sizes of the same plant and one road (+ some banners). Thats it?
Please consider making more =^_^=

Even if it's just recycling the art from plants we have to remove, I wouldn't mind using those as I want too to make nice patterns and freshen up my island.
I would absolutely love to buy lava pits! Even if it cost as much as it does to remove, though in this case it would be movable like the lavabloom boxes to put where we like and move if we change our minds.

New plants or items would be loved too. But this re-use of graphic elements should be a jiffy to do if you so choose. Just need to code it in there.

Hope you might consider this =^_^=

I'm already max level and have all monsters in epic form, redecorating is all I have left to keep it interesting (as well as breeding for the new monsters as they are released)