View Full Version : Disapearing Gifts

12-13-10, 02:25 PM
I noticed in bakery story and restaurant story that I had received gifts when I click to tip other ppl.. Then when I go back to my bakery they are gone!

12-13-10, 09:42 PM
Same thing happens to me regularly! I am on West Coast time. Seems the gifts start showing up on my game around midnight. If I do not accept all of them within a very few minutes, they begin to simply disappear. On one occasion it said Gift Expired, but other than that one occasion, they just vanish. The vanishing gifts are not neccesarily the oldest, ie stale, they seem to disappear in a random manner.
Norman is there any official info on this? I notice we have two separate Threads asking the same question...
Thanks to anyone who can help!