View Full Version : 3 months and still can't even open game

01-17-13, 01:32 PM
I have a samsung tablet 7 inch ... I have been able to install and play ALL other teamlava games that's on android market....

Does teamlava team actually CARE about their customers anymore? I sent countless emails, tried many, many things to get it to work...

Its not my device, i know for sure so I don't want advice...i just would like teamlava to actually fix something... I couldn't even play christmas edition of restaurant story, and fashion story because theres a background glitch..which isn't fixed till this day...

01-26-13, 09:39 AM
Anyone going to reply to my thread? Lol it funny teamlava hardly responds to complains...oh well...starting to dislike teamlava...though I am sure they will be wonderful to me when I get an apple device, because I won't have much to complain about....oh well....i guess android users will always be treated second best.