View Full Version : Last post about losing item.

01-17-13, 02:13 AM
There're at least 4 topic about losing item after finishing them.
TL said they'd solved this issue,
But didn't say anything about getting those lost items back to player.

Because i've found out i lost all royal blocks except 4 blocks made today.
So, i'd like to know if all lost item will be got back to players or not ?
And are we able to play without worry about losing item ?
There are many item in CS and it's stressful to remember and check their quantity :(
I've already sent mail to TL sup :).

Thanks TL mods and TL staff.

01-17-13, 02:31 AM
Try restarting your device to see if the items appear.

PikaSquirrel said (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?44493-Buggy-today-Losing-Items&p=517539&viewfull=1#post517539) did say to write into support which you've done.