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06-29-10, 07:38 AM

I have this wierd problem. I have an iPod. So the antennae-problems related to hand grip on iPhone doesn't apply here.
OS: 4.0
Hardware: iPod 32Gb, last gen.

When I'm connected at my Wifi at home (WEP-encrypted) I have no problems connecting with Farm Story.

When I connect at another WIFI (wpa2 and certificate and stuff) Farm Story cannot connect, BUT all my other apps can! All of the Storm8-games (World War, Vampires Live, iMobster, Zombies Live, Pets Live etc), Safari (the web browser), Opera (another web browser), the App store and every app I've tested can connect trough this network. But not Farm Story. I get the "Oh darn. Farm Story is an online game..."-message.

It seems Farm Story uses another way of connecting than the other apps(?) OR, maybe on the WIFI Farm Story cannot connect, there's a firewall-rule or something that is blocking.I think this is unlikely unless the Farm Story server shares IP with some bad ppl (spammers, copyright-infringers or the likes)

06-29-10, 07:44 AM
I have noticed the same problem actually, I live in Perth Australia i don't know if its got to do with the part of the world you come from.

Farm story just wont work when there is wifi around

06-30-10, 04:17 AM
Another strange thing. On the network that Farm Story is the only app that cannot connect, push-messages (eg "some crop is ready to be harvested") still work.

It's frustrating to get a message saying your 19x19-farm filled with one type of crop is ready to be harvested, only to not being able to. Worse, if I'm NOT able to return to my home-network (were there's no Farm Story connection issues) in time, all the crops dies.

06-30-10, 07:23 AM
We have a similar problem, and only with FS on an iPad. We get the push about some crop ready, we launch FS and begin to harvest, plow, and re-plant... and then we get an error about connecting to the network. And everything we've done has to be re-done. Happens only once in a while.