View Full Version : Hey team lava / Norman, I have a nice idea for X-MAS please read!!

12-13-10, 02:39 AM
Hi Norman / team lava, many players are dissapointed because there is nothing we can buy without gems in the new update.. But I have many ideas how you could make us all happy at Christmas :-), please read. One idea could be a special x-mas gift that appears only on the 24th december and every farmer can send it to his/her neighbors. Another idea could be that we all get a special gift from you at christmas :-),. It would just be a sign that farm story is still alive and that team lava cares about there clients, please think about it, I don't want to get to one of those persons which say that team lava doesn't listen... Thx for the attention and merry christmas too all of you :-)!