View Full Version : Suggestion for next update

12-13-10, 12:03 AM
While you are fixing bugs, would you mind to fix the touch response of the coffee maker? I have to touch a bit higher than the stove to make it work. I don't have that problem with other appliances in Restaurant Story.

And in future, I hope you can add a function in Setting like One-touch: On/Off, so with it turned On, we can simply do command in one touch. Double click on the same tiny spot is very tiring, and I often wasted precious gems when I clicked too fast.

Better still, skip the ingredient step by step procedures so we can just cook and go.

"Send gifts to all" and "Collect all tips" would be in my dreams perhaps, but they are sure on my wish list.

The game can be more "playable" if you can let us send furniture to neighbours. Saw enough table-less poor souls around already.