View Full Version : Is level impossible?

01-10-13, 01:34 PM
I've never posted before but was playing this game and got to the spaceship levels by patience.

Now the last space level at 118 looks impossible as bubble blowers make more than you could ever pop

I did up to here by using gems but have run out. Can anyone do this level?

01-11-13, 10:35 AM
play some other storm8 games will give out a lot of gems

01-12-13, 09:36 PM
It is not impossible. For the first section, I ignored the lightening bolt and tried to get to the chain. For the second section, after freeing the two, I tried to get one color left. Then the bubble blower generates enough bubbles around it to allow you to drop it. I think I just hit lucky on the top section.

01-18-13, 01:24 AM
Managed to finsh itwith buying 8 extra bubbles.