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01-07-13, 10:49 AM
ok so this morning i went on my phone to send a gift to me ( i have 2 devices) when i went on it said " download a free game.holiday slots and claim.6 free gems" so i went on my tablet and i did n ot see this free gem offer on here, so i went on my brother phone.but he had the special.offer on there! please could you do this on my tablet? also i still hav not been receiving my daily bonus!!!!!


p.s could.i.have a gem sale please, i know its random but i needto buy somegems

01-07-13, 11:00 AM
Game goals are also random like gem sales... Hopefully you'll get the goal soon

01-07-13, 12:08 PM
how.many have u got recently?ive.gotone.and that was wheni started (dec 10th 2012)

01-14-13, 05:43 PM
what type of phone are you on. and while they like to say iOS does nto get the free gems for downloading other games. It's really a 2 part process. Download and then start game (do tutorial to level 2 or wherever) Close game before playing it alot though. jump back to zoo story, It'll say Completed (no reward) and then the Otter (mostly for me) or one of them pops up with some nightmare or other scenario and tells you to buy a decoration, (path counts, 0 coins) and you get your gems from step 2... If you jumped past a goal by playing the game a bit before collecting first reward you'll miss the second one. Did that with my bingo, downloaded, played, hit level 7. oops. zoo said complete playing game, then reach level 7, completed level 7, and only got 1 place a decoration thing.

And if you don't have the download and play the game for the reward on one device but it is on your others, you MIGHT still be able to download it and get the reward anyways, A friend downloaded his game after the option expired (me and sister had downloaded ours in the time frame) and he still got the reward 2 days later.

01-18-13, 03:38 AM
Im on tablet / htc desire c, i never get the free gem opitions not got it once on zs2 yet i dowload dragon story get it straight away grrrrrrr