View Full Version : Tired of lvl 36, thinking to quit playing

01-02-13, 08:25 PM
I need to say I am quiet tired of play this lvl, as I amlway been play these games in computer many years ago, when yet any ipad or ipgone or android did not exist. And i always been good, but this level is too much.

Is no way go through this level without boosting and i wont spend money here, NFW, i rather stop play. Game should be for relax and this has already way nothing with relax and rest fun.

Always get stupid colors of bubbles i dont need, i never get at leats once colors i need in current moment, the programmer should think more how to make games as these, so ppl still love to play. I am sure, i am not just one with this opinion.

01-03-13, 05:26 PM
Sad, cuz looks I am just alone for my opinion, cant believe it....

01-03-13, 08:06 PM
Sorry to hear that...but don't be bothered by avoiding all the poison bubbles. Sometimes, the loss of bubbles by popping a poison bubble is less than the bubbles spent to avoid it. I guess I popped 8-ish poison bubbles, and I had 20 left in the end. Believe me. This is not that crazy level compared to the coming ones. Maybe better to quit now in that sense...:p