View Full Version : Enough Ads

12-24-12, 09:32 PM
I know this game is freemium - but enough with the constant ads for other lava games!
Getting the bubble mania ad every time I play is annoying but tolerable. Getting 4 ads when I log in, constant ads that interrupt game play, and having to scroll through 6 "quests" to play games I've already looked at and decided not play - intolerable.
I really love playing this game, and support it by purchasing gems, but the ads have become overwhelming in the last couple weeks. Please back off and let me enjoy playing the game. I am MUCH more likely to play other Lava games if I don't fear having to cancel through a ton of ads just to play.
I love this game, and I know you want to advertise the others - but enough is enough. Just one ad "quest" at a time would be great.

12-24-12, 09:38 PM
This is the current thread on that topic: http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?42847-Too-many-pop-ups!