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12-22-12, 06:48 AM
ok, so i already emailed support@teamlava.com about this, but i just wanted to let the rest of you guys know: there is a major bug with the purchase system. this is the second time it has charged me for an extra $4.99 gold pack when i made a purchase, except it doesnt give me the extra 120 gold! the fist time i bought a $4.99 pack, but was billed for 2 of them. last night i bought a $9.99 gold pack, but was billed for that AND a $4.99 gold pack... -.- still havent received that extra 240 gold i was billed for... -.-

kooky panda
12-22-12, 07:48 AM
It can take support 3-5 days to respond to your ticket. Be sure and send them copies of your receipts.
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