View Full Version : Transplating problem

12-22-12, 06:21 AM
Hi , I have a serious problem , and I hope that u can solve it ^^ . I played City Story metro and my ID is gary555036tw . I'm at level 35 . My city's name is " New World ".And I played the game through my iTOUCH before. But I recently bought an iPHONE5 and and I can play the game every now and then because I can use the Internet whenever I want . But I suddenly found that I have to play the game again after I installed the game into my new phone . I have already reached level 35 and I don't want to play again from level 1 , so please help me if there are some ways to get it done so that I can continue flourishing my city from level 35 . Thank you !!

12-22-12, 04:12 PM

Please contact our support team ( support@teamlava.com ) and they will be able to assist you with a game transfer. :)