View Full Version : Level 113?

12-21-12, 01:51 PM
Any tips? I waste so many bubbles on the first part that I run out way too early.

04-06-14, 12:36 PM
I'm having trouble too. Help? Oh how do you use the search. I can't get it to work.

04-07-14, 12:58 AM
Here are kristanlh's tips for level 113, posted previously:

Tips for 113:
- Be VERY efficient (i.e., use as few bubbles as possible) in the first section. The right-side bubble blower is easier to get rid of first. Also remember that once you eliminate a color entirely, it leaves the rotation of bubbles that you can get (at least until the next section is opened up).
- For the first two star bubbles, try to eliminate colors that will help you gain access to the third star bubble quickly.

To search, first use the search box in the upper right. It may be better to put your search term in quotes, e.g., "level 113," to find more appropriate results. What comes up will be a list of threads containing the search term. Now you can click to display one of those threads and then use the search box under the "search thread" pop up menu, also in the upper right, to show the search term where it occurs within the thread.