View Full Version : Missing level 33

12-20-12, 03:00 AM
Hi, I'm missing lvl 33 or TL have skipped the number :D
Playing iOS latest version

ps: I could really USD some help finishing lvl '34'.

12-20-12, 03:02 AM
USD = use

12-20-12, 10:29 AM
This seems to be for our Bubble Mania game. Please try uninstalling, and reinstalling the application. Let me know if it continues to be an issue.

12-21-12, 04:37 AM
Problem solved & now I can finally move on!
the level is was stuck at (33/34) just kept asking for a higher score without telling me what the goal was!
Ps: didn't un/reinstall the game, problem just vanished. Strange thing though, I was stuck for several days at this 'ghost' level.
Tnx 4 replying PenguinFlop ��