View Full Version : Fruit Tree Dropped a Gem!

12-18-12, 09:33 PM
One of my fruit trees dropped a gem/gems. I think it was an apple tree. I was quickly collecting from the trees and a purple gem appeared in the loot. I don't know how many gems were awarded as I wasn't paying attention to my gem count while collecting from fruit trees. Anyone else have gems dropping from trees? Is this even possible or did I get a "glitch gift"?

12-18-12, 10:01 PM
Do you have the Purple Cow or Sir Pigglesworth? If so did you collect from them at the same time? If so the gem would be from one of them.

12-18-12, 10:02 PM
Seems very unlikely .....Were you collecting at the same time from either the purple cow or sir piggie and it was from that?

12-18-12, 11:24 PM
I do have Sir Pigglesworth and was not collecting from him at that time. When tapping it was only of my fruit trees. In the midst of the blue stars, coins and fruit there was a purple gem. Again, I've no idea if that added to my gem count as who pays attention to gems when collecting from trees? It caught me by surprise.