View Full Version : Great game. I have some suggestions though.

Cowboy Bosshog
06-26-10, 11:27 AM
First off I just want to say that this is one of my favorite apps. I have a few suggestions.
1. When you collect the money from a mallard when it's done, it doesn't make a quack or any sound. I'm not sure about the other animals because I have not gotten them.

2. A. This is about the gems. What if you don't put any gem price on animals but keep it on the decorations. And I am not saying to give all decorations a gem price. What I am saying is to keep it like it is already.

B. What if instead of just buying gem, people could have the option to either pay for gems or save up their coins in farm story and get gems that way.

Also: 5 dollars for 24 gems? You've got to come up with a better deal than that. That is expensive for not that many gems.

3. What if you gave people the option to put in a pond in their farm with different fish in there. And people can go to the store and buy different fish.

Examples: large mouth bass, salmon, and I think you can come up with some more.

4. How about people can purchase birds. Like red tail hawks, bald eagles, and maybe smaller birds like cardinals, blue jays, and more.

5. Why not bring into the game humans. I mean you have that human on enhancements.

And that is about it. And I want to say again how great this app is.