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12-14-12, 01:02 AM
Loved this update at first and found that this is so hard! I dont mind challenging difficult levels, but this bubble generating monster is purely annoying!!!! Except a few levels, this island is doable anyway, but I was so annoyed somehow while i was playing. :(

12-14-12, 03:36 AM
Stuck on 108, any words of wisdom for me? Can't seem to catch a break with the color combination!

12-14-12, 02:52 PM
Try to focus on the bubbles along the chain on right. Its easier and more efficient to drop bubbles when you unlock the chain. Then if you get to a star bubble, dont pop it until you unlock all the bubbles on left and right. Use the star bubble in the middle to unlock the top chain, by matching the most common color on the way. then focus on unlocking first. When you have a bubbles you dont need, You can use them to make a way to another star bubble at the same time. Once you unlock the final row, you will know what to do. Please be careful not to drop the last star bubble. :) hope this helped.

12-14-12, 03:24 PM
Best thing is to take a screen shot at the start so you can see the color of the three bubbles holding the doom bubble cluster.

They are always two of one one color and one other, and will correspond to the two star bubbles on the left.

As ngamp says, you can use the first star bubble as you like to clear the way to the main chain. Make sure to only use the right color bubbles for the other stars - and, I swear, the last star dropped several times even though I had the screen shot so used only the correct order bubble. Like the game was cheating, to be clear...!

But eventually you will do it, good luck.

12-20-12, 10:41 PM
Thanks for all your advice finally did it x