View Full Version : My castle is stuck in a timewarp...

12-12-12, 01:42 PM
My storm ID is redstarfishy. I play on an iphone 4 and my OS 5.1.1.

Today, I played for ten minutes, using up all of my energy, and made sure to get a beam and a block started and then closed down the game by locking my phone. I came back ten minutes later, and both workshops were empty (the beams/blocks should have had 5 more minutes to go), my energy was full again and my XP was down. Thinking it was a one time glitch, I played again, repeating all of my steps of harvesting some mushrooms, cows, starting the beam/block, and everything else. I came back 30 minutes later, same problem again. Everything had reset itself. This has happened no less than four times today and it's getting very frustrating. I have started a wisp lantern twice now, the same lantern, because the first time it didn't stick. I have lost time and supplies because I thought things were cooking and they weren't or I received items in my harvest that disappeared during the reset. I am almost afraid to close my game because I am near the next level up and I don't want to keep losing my progress.

12-12-12, 01:50 PM
Sounds like your game may not be synching with the servers. Trying visiting a couple of neighbours or deleting some posts from your wall. These should help your game to synch.

12-14-12, 08:27 AM
I wish the game would cut out if it wasn’t able to connect with the servers. I can go and visit neighbors, but how do I know what has been saved and what hasn’t if it doesn’t disconnect itself when it can’t connect with the servers? It seems to have a hit or miss saving ability.

Perfect example was this morning. I crafted the purple cow through Ivy’s experiment and then went to go put two wisps in my work shop. I came back an hour later, both wisps were ready but my purple cow was gone. It had reset Ivy’s experiment back to the last purple dye being ready, so I had to click on that, then start the experiment with the cow turning purple. In that case, I lost maybe an hour of time (since my cow was not counting down on my farm), which isn’t horrible, but I don’t trust this game now. How do I know when my progress will be saved and when I’ll have to repeat history all over again? I know that’s not a question you’ll be able to answer, so I guess I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed whenever I close down the game.

12-14-12, 12:54 PM
I post on my wall then delete the post as this seems to trigger an automatic resynch. The same thing happens when you visit neighbours. Do one of these things before exiting the game and you should have less issues.

12-25-12, 08:16 PM
Hi Redstarfishy, I agree with Maguar but if it still wasn't working properly I would then do a full shutdown/ restart of my device. Then I'd open the game... On loading, the game will be forced to do a full refresh/sync with the server. The other thing I'd do, would be to sync my device with iTunes & update my OS coz we're now up to 6.0.1 I'm using iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1 & not experiencing any issues with the game. :-)