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12-11-12, 02:32 AM
Ok so I'm really not getting a bunch of stuff! I am an avid, daily player of Castle Story who needs some guidance please!

How can I access my own wall?

How can I read and write messages on my wall?

How come some people have/can use really cool icons like smileys & hearts? I play using my iPad2. Dunno how I'll be able to access an answer to these questions! Help!

What level does Castle story go up to?:)

How can I tell which are 'good' neighbours to keep? I have over 80 & don't get to visit them all... Need to whittle the list down!

Do I sound like a real novice?? I'm truly grateful to any a K:confused:ings or Queens who can assist. Thank you!

12-11-12, 02:55 AM
To access your own wall click on the red & blue menu in the bottom left corner of your kingdom. When it opens up, click on "overview" there you will find your wall. You just type your message & click "post"

12-11-12, 03:00 AM
To access your wall - click the menu button (bottom left corner). In the menu click Overview. There are two tabs. One is your wall and the other is your profile. You can then read the comments on your wall. To write type what you want in the post message section and press post. To delete press the x button next to the post.

They have downloaded the emoji app. Once you've done this go to settings, general and keyboard. Click on keyboards then add new keyboard and select emoji. When you go to type a message click the icon on your keyboard that looks like a globe. You can then put the icons in.

It currently goes up to level 30.

See who visits (from newsfeed and wall posts). Who answers requests or sends them. Who sends gifts. If you're not sure post on their wall and ask if they're still playing.

Always better to ask if you don't know. Plenty of people are willing to help.

12-11-12, 03:05 AM
I'm not sure what the highest level is but I'm at 29. As for the smiley icons etc. you need to go to your apps & find which ever ones you want some are free others are a couple dollars. As for NBRS I have 300 on one castle & 275 on my other castle & I heart them each everyday cuz the blue stars are experience & that's how you level faster. If you still want to edit back. Watch you news feed & keep the players who visit back. Another helpful tip in castle is to always keep checking your inventory to see how much of each thing you have. I check mine probably 20 times a day. To check inventory click the market icon then the treasure chest, that's where your stuff is. hope this helps you. You can also add me if you want. My ID NanaCanna & Bakinbuddies.

12-11-12, 10:42 AM
Faster way to your wall: tap the Star in the top left corner (that shows your level and fills with experience), this gets you to Overview without opening Menu :)