View Full Version : difficulty to get gems from quest

12-10-12, 10:24 AM
it was advised that every collect 2 times from market ( that's means 2 days ) that there'll be new quest about market demand. but I have been played 3 days and collect 3 times from market, there still no new quest at all. why ? and I never get gems anymore after send my knight for quest. why your team make it so difficult to get the gems while we must buy lots of expensive things with gems to fulfill the quest , eg : apple tree, pig and cow in order to get the golden apple, truffles and prime cuts. is it another way from you all to push the players to buy gems online ?

12-10-12, 12:55 PM
Once you've done the last market request quest there aren't anymore (can't remember the last, possibly fish).

Black pigs don't cost gems and have a chance of truffles and bacon. Normal cows don't cost gems and have a chance of prime cuts. Wool and bacon come from the stables. Golden apple can come from the magic garden. All gem trees and animals are rare rewards from adventures. Adventures and the purple cow will sometimes drop gems.