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12-01-12, 07:27 PM
:mad: i just cant figure it out i have deleted the app and restored it shut down my ipod and turn it back on but it keeps on shut itself down when i try to open the app. i really like this game and i was wondering if you could help me out. :(

12-05-12, 06:40 PM
We're sorry to hear about this. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game to see if this corrects the issue?

12-18-12, 11:35 AM
I try to complete the new goals. One of them is to earn 18 stars in Blubber's Belly. Actually I have 18 stars, but the goal is still not completed. What's the problem?

12-18-12, 02:52 PM
Has anyone else seen this issue? And have you restarted your game to see if it corrects itself?

12-18-12, 10:47 PM
Now I can't start the application at all. It quits a few seconds after I start it :(

12-22-12, 05:35 AM
The app is really unstable since the new update. And I don't get the gems I've gotten as a reward for goals.

08-23-15, 02:22 AM
I am on level 358 of bubble mania. The only way to play the level is to buy Gems (which cost money) in order to buy bombs because there is no other move to make.. And it takes several purchases just to play it once.. So you are screwed if you don't win the first time. Also the past few times that I've purchased gems from bubble mania I've been getting charged twice! I love this game and hate to give it up but this is absolutely ridiculous!

08-23-15, 05:40 AM
While boosts (purchased with coins or gems) can make certain levels much easier and/or more enjoyable, it is actually not necessary to purchase anything in order to win a level.

Here is an earlier thread on level 358 that might be of some use to you:


Basically, I think what you are missing is that you need to shoot a colored bubble into a space that will "anchor" each lightning bubble in place.

So for example, your first shot in the level should NOT be to pop a lightning bubble. It should be to put a colored bubble between the two formations of bubbles. THEN you can hit the lowest lightning bubble.

Your next step should be to clear away the bubbles on the right side WITHOUT hitting the second lightning bubble, so that you can use a bounce shot off the right wall to put a bubble between the formation on the left and the unlit red bubbles up top. Once you have anchored the formation to the top, THEN you can hit the second lightning bubble.

This principle of "anchoring" formations in place is something you will see in several levels.

09-23-15, 08:50 PM
I am stuck on Island 12, Iceberg isle/ #69.
I can clear all the bubbles except those above the black bubbles.
How do you get rid of the bubbles???

09-23-15, 10:15 PM
There is a star bubble in Level 69.

09-24-15, 07:47 AM
I passed several of the goals set for other games (ex: reach level 7 in Bingo) and the game wont' acknowledge that I've passed them.