View Full Version : 102 doom bubbles

12-01-12, 06:48 AM
Hmm each time I get to the top of the level I try tiny variations in angle BUT doom bubbles are between each normal bubble... and I'd say it's impossible to hit a normal one except that people have got past it!

Without buying a bomb or anything, how have you managed to do this?!


12-01-12, 07:08 AM
I think that's one of the levels you can buy the anti-doom bubble stuff for coins. I bought it a couple of times- saves a lot of headaches.

12-01-12, 07:58 AM
Good thought badger.

I was wondering its possible without buying something? If not then good job TL getting a forced sale lol !!

12-03-12, 05:48 AM
I've just broken that level today without spending the anti doom. The key is you need to leave the matching color balls before you unzipped the last zip. By then you can pop safely without bother the doom bubbles. Btw, I don't have the offer to buy anti-doom with COINS. The anti-poison is for coin but not for the anti-doom.

12-04-12, 02:22 AM
You're an absolute genius maggieyyli. Spot on and I'm kicking myself not realising that, yay! :)