View Full Version : Jewel Mania - Wants too much gold!!

11-30-12, 10:49 PM
I'm stuck on level 47 and have been for nearly a week now, I just can't get that last row. What I'm finding unfair is that it says I can have 30 more tries for 66 gold which even if I had that much gold, would I really use it...no!! My friend is playing it too and it only asks her for 11 gold for 5 moves. Come on TL make it fairer by giving everyone the same chances....looks like I may be giving up on this one as my patience is starting to wear :-( also energy takes far too long to recover xx

12-01-12, 02:05 AM
As it's a very new game I'd say that they are trialling different amounts with a number of players. Can't remember exactly but I think mine might have been around the 5 or 10 tries for 20 or 30 gold.

12-01-12, 05:07 AM
Well I've finally got through this level but only because I was very lucky with the tiles, I got lots of bombs go off and a diamond and there was just a full on explosion that obliterated everything....just as well really as I was getting very close to launching something!!! xx

12-01-12, 04:47 PM
I would happily buy this this game, sans the need for gems or energy for up to five bucks. Its a cute little timewaster. I would never spend money on gold for it.

12-02-12, 09:41 AM
This seem to be a very expensive game, and you have to be lucky to get through the levels. I spent some 20 euros so far on it in one day time. I think I will delete it, I could have bought a lot of other games for that money.

12-02-12, 09:46 AM
I think it increases with the level. Or at least it does for me. This level 48 is harder. I just want to reach the tenth island to get my gems from restaurant and castle!

12-23-12, 12:18 PM
I'm hooked also.. But expensive to play if you wanna advance.. Higher levels only last few seconds until the bombs explode and only 5 energy simply not enough.. I've bought gold for more energy but feel like I'm wasting money.. Hoping they'll cut time for recharge down.. Or lose lots of players..