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12-06-10, 05:18 PM
Just read this on city story forum. What total BS!

TL's VP of Marketing "Customers are Family"
Please put down your coffee or food before you read this...I don't want anyone to choke. This is from an interview of TL's VP of Marketing:

Q: What separates your company from your competitors with mobile phone applications?

The key focus at TeamLava is creating really high-quality games that are the best in their category. They need to be appealing and accessible to players, as well as offer unparalleled depth to encourage fans to keep playing, with multiple layers of discovery and achievement. We always listen to feedback from fans and treat them as family, to ensure that we are providing the best support and new free game content at all times.

Q: Tell us about your most recent releases. How have they performed?

TeamLava has a total of four games available currently: Farm Story, City Story, Restaurant Story and Empire Story. Each of them is free to download and play, and each has charted high and been extremely popular. Restaurant Story was a real hit for example, with full Retina Display and iOS 4 support along with fun gameplay and great graphics.

Q: Do you outsource any projects or development, if so, how much?

All of our games are proprietary and internally developed. That means we are constantly innovating and adding to our existing games, as well as upgrading our technology for new games. We also answer any customer questions and often implement cool ideas that they suggest to us!