View Full Version : Very Sad Day For DeNoBoNeS

05-22-10, 08:44 PM
Hey gang just walked in to a mc donalds to leech off there well Wifi I just harvested my farm for the very last time I live in Australia and i found out today that our country is the POOR when it comes to mobile phone's plans we are getting hammed in fee's.

Break down plans
$5.00 120MB
$10.00 250MB
$20.00 750MB
$50.00 1GB
$60.00 2GB
$80.00 4GB

Plus you normal spending on ur mobile (calls, TXT, MMS) I asked for a unlimited Data package and they looked at me like I was from Pluto. My Iphone is locked to the telstra network Only I been doing a lot of thinking and i simple can not afford the data with my regular call's.

The problem that i have with spending $80.00 Plus $40.00 Per Foughtnight is the money does not go to where I think it should go and thats to TeamLava (for a great game that they given us all) Insted it heads to Telstra that is the biggest phone company in Australia its simply UNFAIR.

06-10-10, 11:48 AM
That can't be right. If you are playing over the cellular network like 3G or Edge, then yes your network usage should be attached to your account's limits, but not if you're connected over WiFi! If that's true then you really need to get a campaign going against your carriers b/c a WiFi connection is not using their network for data transmission at all.