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11-25-12, 07:44 AM
I really hope this feedback comes off as "respectful" because I'm going to be honest here.

I love Castle Story, I think it's a great game, great story, great graphics and animations but I have a gripe:
I do not like the whole Energy thing!
I understand that "Team Lava" needs to make money but I think there are definitely better ways to obtain your income.
There are many TeamLava games that I like but it's very frustrating when playing a game and then all of the sudden, the game comes to a stop and it's because there's no Energy. That has happened to me in a few of Team Lava's games. I have to tell you that many times, I'll tell people not to download and install Team Lava's games because of the Energy issue. I don't know of any other App creator who makes you purchase the ability to play the game when the game is "free". You should either charge or not charge to play the game.

I think I've gotten my point across. If there is any way you can either remove the whole energy thing, or increase the amount of energy to "infinity", it would make Team Lava's games much more enticing to players.

Thank You...

11-26-12, 03:09 AM
Hi Julesh604,

Join us in the discussion "why is my energy cap reduced"
I really want to buy gems in the sales to get trees and cows but i wont buy anything now since i think the gameplay is to slow because of the energy cap. if nothing happens to improve this then i will not buy a single thing....
This is a great game but i will not be manipulated that the game is more expensive for some and not others as you can see in the thread.

11-26-12, 04:55 AM
I totally agree!!! Sometimes I consider quitting this game because of out of energy, ridiculous!

11-26-12, 07:21 PM
I also agree, it's just so annoying not be able to clear everything because I run out of energy. I really like the game but don't know if I'll be able to keep dealing with this energy cap issue. Games should be fun not frustrating! Pretty much giving up on this game.