View Full Version : High scores

11-24-12, 08:41 PM
Who exactly am I playing against? I know there aren't only 5 or so ppl playing the game, so why not have a real scoreboard?

Especially now with the contest regarding the top 10 high scores on level 24. How do I know that I'm one of them? (I'm first on my phone.)

11-24-12, 08:46 PM
I think the scoreboard is the first 5 in your country( not sure)
I live In USA and I'm first in my game

Where you live? What's your score in level 24?

11-25-12, 09:18 PM
It's only 874k. I live in AZ. I saw another post where someone said people have gotten 2million points on that level. I can't see how, as I've tried every trick in the book with that level.

I have a feeling the other "top scorers" aren't real players at all, but computer-generated to make it look like you're playing against people. The other people all have weird icons that I've never seen before, and they're all similar. Like cartoon animal heads. Nothing like I've ever seen on FB.